living room decor

Currently when a space becomes very expensive, land prices go up every year like crazy to make a minimalist theme a very realistic option. Therefore at this time we often find homes that apply minimalist theme in the home or office that they wake up. Well one of the area which is now the most widely use living room decor.

By using minimalist design, of course, no longer parlor was filled with items that seemed to overcrowd the living room like an exhibition. Wearing a minimalist theme still allows us to put items such as bookshelves and television but we have to consider the location and we are planning to be neat living room will not look crowded.

Small Kitchen Design Ideas

By focusing on efficiency and maximizing existing space, of course, we still can to make a small kitchen designs look more spacious than actual size. Ie by maximizing the use of vertical space with the maximum high design cabinet that can accommodate as many kitchen furniture. Then you can also make an open kitchen space that blends with the other rooms such as the dining room so that it remains a small kitchen design look spacious.

Besides the above mentioned, you can also design a small kitchen designs to make it look more spacious with attention to color is in the kitchen. Choose a bright color so that the room look more spacious kitchen, and choose colors that match or are similar to the color of the cabinet to make it look fused between cabinets and walls. Furthermore you can also give a lot of transparent glass so your kitchen does not look dark. With pretty much set lighting, small kitchen designs you will look more spacious.

bathroom tile designs

Need prudence reorganizing bathroom design ideas. Make sure the color, or the same tone as, for wall and ceiling. Strive design used is not complicated. The white color is widely used in bathrooms due to impressive clean and healthy. White is clean, classic. Especially when you glance before some materials like marble or stone as well as change the traditional porcelain cast iron, white is perceived as a very natural choice for bathroom fixtures. Color this one will never be outdated. Unfortunately, if a little dirt on the surface of the color, the appearance of the bathroom turned grim in an instant.

Another type of bathroom tile designs that need to be considered for the bathroom glass tile and a little luster with a modern twist. Do not be mistaken with a thick glass boundary stones used for walls and interior partitions. Types of tiles are mentioned here are tiled wall with a soft sheen finish and clear or colored gems.